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What Umami Burger's New Funding Means for D.C.

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Umami Los Feliz
Umami Los Feliz
Photo: Umami Burger
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Eater National shared the news today that Umami Burger, the Los Angeles chain known for its molecular-esque techniques and savory flavors, has received $20 million in new funding. That means the chain has the chance to expand to new markets, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami and yes, D.C.

Eater reached out to Umami Burger CEO Adam Fleischman for more details. No deals are signed yet, so a location won't come immediately. But the company would like to do four Umami Burger restaurants here, he said. That means a location each for Northern Virginia, D.C. proper, suburban MD and Baltimore.

Umami Burger's restaurants serve cocktails and locations have a unique design depending on the particular space. The restaurants have a cult following, and Eater readers named it as a chain they'd like to see here.

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