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The Windy Apple is Now Lil' Italian Cafe in Falls Church

Lil' Italian Cafe Herndon
Lil' Italian Cafe Herndon
Photo: Yelp
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Lots of movement over at the former Bangkok Blues space in Falls Church. Eater stopped by The Windy Apple, the Chicago-style hot dog restaurant which opened there back in October, this weekend in the hopes of a knish. Turns out that restaurant has already been replaced — by a pizza restaurant called Lil' Italian Cafe. There appears to be another location of the restaurant in Herndon, according to its website.

Don Rockwell has a few more details; he says the restaurant is under new ownership, serves halal food and offers catering.

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Lil' Italian Cafe

926 A. West Broad Street, Falls Church, Va