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Study Abroad Experience Inspired Broodjes & Bier

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The average person may not realize that Dutch sandwiches are a thing, but they didn't study abroad in Amsterdam like Sarah Frimpong.

"What I experienced abroad in Amsterdam really stuck in my mind," said Frimpong, who is behind Broodjes & Bier, which just raised $3,794 through Kickstarter in the hopes of getting off the ground in Capitol Hill. There, the basic concept of a sandwich might not be that different than one you'd find in the U.S. — ham and cheese, roast beef and cheese, smoked salmon.

"What really stands apart is the high quality of the fresh ingredients," she said. Even a pre-packaged sandwich she ate in an Amsterdam grocery store outshone just about any sandwich she'd had at home.

Frimpong has always been a sandwich fanatic. "There was one five year stretch where I was eating two, maybe even three sandwiches a day," she said. She began making sandwiches for friends and even acquaintances, and decided to take it one step further with Broodjies.

The sandwiches will be available in early March at Silver Spork near Capitol Hill, but the goal is, after about eight to 12 months, to move on to opening her own brick and mortar location on Capitol Hill. Broodjies & Bier will also do a pop-up dinner series starting in early May, though they're still nailing down a location for where that will be held.

For those unsure what sandwich to choose, Frimpong recommends the classic sandwich, a vegetarian version paired with aged gouda. It's the favorite of a woman who was a vegetarian until a few months ago, when she figured if she was going to sell sandwiches with meat, she might just have to be sampling them herself.

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Sarah Frimpong [Photo: Kickstarter]