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Mintwood Place Losing Its Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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Drunken debauchery in Adam's Morgan is nothing out of the ordinary. Noise complaints, people sitting on the curb scarfing down McDonald's fries, and paddy wagons are all commonplace on a Friday or Saturday night. So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that some overly industrious folks have been swiping the outdoor lighting fixtures at Mintwood Place.

General manager Neill Blackwood tells Eater that the most popular item thieves go for are the round globes that cover the restaurant's lights on their patio. Despite having found new ways to secure the fixtures, the good patrons of the neighborhood have found new ways to remove them. Blackwood explains:

"When the globes were first attached, they were attached to the bases by screws that set against the bottom of the globes. People would come by at night and unscrew or just break off the globes and take them. After a few were stolen, we anchored [them] with nuts and bolts, a PVC pipe to posts and with industrial strength adhesive [that] attached the globes to the pipe. People came by at night and cut off the globes from the pipes."

"One night, a few drunk people unattached the globes from the posts and went to get their car in the lot next to our restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, the lot is rented out from us by a valet service. The lot attendant saw that they had our globes so they traded the drunk person's car for our globes. The lot attendant returned our globes to us safely the next day."
—Marissa Bialecki

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Neill Blackwood [Photo: R. Lopez]

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