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The Early Word on Beau Thai's New Mt. Pleasant Location

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Fans of Shaw neighborhood favorite Beau Thai were excited to hear news of a second location, this time opening in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. The newest incarnation of Beau Thai opened about two weeks ago, and offers a wider menu, a bigger bar and other additions. What's been the early reaction to the restaurant? Here's the first word from Yelp, blogs and other first-impression sources on Beau Thai Mount Pleasant.

The Facebook News: Facebook user Kevin is an early fan of Beau Thai. "Welcome to the neighborhood! We came in last night + are still raving about the food." [Facebook]

The Big Screen News: Facebook fans of the restaurant aren't necessarily thrilled with the television screens in the restaurant. Facebook user Tim likes the restaurant's idea of using the screens to show photos of Thailand. "Many of your customers have probably been to Thailand and taken some amazing pictures. Maybe people could submit some of those photos for viewing." [Facebook]

The Politicians Approval News: Over on Twitter, ANC Commissioner @GarberDC says, "A little cross-city conversing w/Mt Pleasant commish @chinaterrell at Lot 38. She's saying great things about the new @beauthaidc up there.." [Twitter]

The Good First Impression News: Also on Twitter, @sgjessee says, "Wonderful first visit to @beauthaidc mt. pleasant. Amazing addition to the neighborhood." [Twitter]

The Repeat Customer News: Right now, Beau Thai is earning 4 stars on Yelp with 9 reviews in. From Alyssa K., "So far this week our house has made a total of 5 visits to Beau Thai because we are so excited to have it a few blocks from home. I have even heard a street food brunch will be starting soon.  Beau Thai, we are very happy to have you in the neighborhood and I can't wait to get to know you more." [Yelp]

The Try The Tofu News: Also on Yelp, Chulot M. likes the food better than the service. "The food is a good, solid 4 -- crispy tofu and the duck rolls are standout appetizers, the pad thai is the best I've had in DC, the hot & spicy noodles are good and tangy (though they could be hotter). ..The service, though.... Right now I'd rate that a 2. They seem to have several waitresses who have never waited tables before, supported by a small core of people who know what they're doing. [Yelp]

The Go for the Food, Stay For a Drink News: Yelp user Kevin G. calls the place "a slam dunk. I've had the crab fried rice and the yellow curry and both have been awesome. The happy hour's a great deal and the beer selection is really good (penn quarter porter on tap!). I also highly recommend the Thai basil gimlet." [Yelp]

The Not So Spicy News: Over on Don Rockwell, Rieux says, "Went there opening night. Great cocktails, great drunken noodles, very good massamam curry. Papaya salad was huge but could use more spice." [DR]

The Small Portions News: Also on Don Rockwell, Gadarene says, "Ate there last night as well.  Overall, it was mostly positive and I'm sure they'll find their feet as they go...Just ordered the beef ka pao for takeout.  Very good flavors, but the portion is super, super, super small for $11.  Like, the whole thing fit easily into a regular size bowl after I put about half of the rice on the bottom of the bowl." [DR]

The Vegetarian News: The 42 blog recommends that you "Try the vegetarian drunken noodle." [42]

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