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Baseball Addict Bathroom; 10 Cheap Dupont Condos

All the latest news from Curbed DC...Screen%20Shot%202013-03-22%20at%2010.39.12%20AM.png

RENTALS—This week in Curbed Comparisons we looked at places to rent for $1,000 per month and managed to find some that weren't completely depressing.

BETHESDA—Some hardcore Nationals fans spent an extra chunk of money to turn their bathroom into a shrine to their favorite baseball team. We've got the photos of the broken bats from the game, home plate, and a map of the stadium on the tiled walls that greet them every time they enter the room.

U STREET/SHAW—There's a two bedroom condo we've been following for a few months. It has just re-entered the market for $649,000 which is 20K less than its last price.

DUPONT—We've mapped the ten cheapest homes for sale near Dupont Circle—they're not huge, but they're affordable. We also looked back at our list from last year to see how each house rode the market waves.

BETHESDA—Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner listed his almost-million dollar house last week (see pictures here), but it went under contract in less than seven days. Maybe he'll get more than his asking price?

BAR CRAWL LIVING—We looked at The Standard this week to find homes within stumbling distance. All Logan Circle, all the time.

14TH STREET—The apartment building known as DC District has been sold to JP Morgan, but what locals really care about is when it is going to open up for rent. No exact date, but soon they say. In the meantime the floorplans are for your viewing pleasure.

CURBED UNIVERSITY—Last week we had eight good questions from first-timers that Jennifer Myers from Dwell Residential answered. Click over for a few tips on how to navigate the market.

RACKED—There were a few pieces of retail news, but the most interesting was that as soon as First Lady Michelle Obama's Vogue cover ran a local jewelry store got a surge of calls from people wanting to buy a pair of earrings just like the ones she was wearing.

BROKERBABBLE—We have a new entry into the Brokerbabble Glossary and this time it is about the great outdoor spaces. Click over for several highly embellished examples of what a large yard is.