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The Early Word on Capitol Hill's Beuchert's Saloon

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Beuchert's Saloon
Beuchert's Saloon
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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

After an extended soft opening period, Beuchert's Saloon is now officially serving up farm-to-table cuisine and a variety of cocktails in an old school, Prohibition-era setting. The small restaurant has been drawing lines out the door for the past couple weeks. Is the Hill just that starved for another restaurant, or does the food pass muster? Here's what the earliest critics, bloggers and Yelpers had to say.

The Facebook News: Facebook fan Andrew says of Beuchert's: "Superb food, service and atmosphere at Beuchert's Saloon tonight on Capitol Hill. We'll be back." [Facebook]

The Good Vibe News: Another Facebook shout out comes from Karen, who had a "wonderful time at the bar's divine, atmosphere inviting, and energy electric. This place is the real deal! Congrats!" [Facebook]

The Twitter Convert News: Twitter's @kzwa says of the restaurant, "OK, Capitol Hill, you've convinced me to stay forever." [Twitter]

The Good for the Hill News: Also on Twitter, ?@robertsays "@BeuchertsSaloon is a strong addition to the restaurant scene on the hill. Be about it." [Twitter]

The Rutabaga News: Express is so impressed with the treatment that the humble rutabaga gets at Beuchert's that it inspires an entire article."I never thought I'd write a column in praise of rutabaga, but it was hard not to after tasting it at Beuchert's Saloon...As one of many veggie sides on the menu during the "farm American" restaurant's soft opening (through March 15), chef Andrew Markert's rutabaga mash ($6) is eye-opening." [Express]

The Comfort Food News: Brightest Young Things finds comfort in a chicken dish, which "came with a roasted, brined gravy from the chicken carcass itself, on top of a bed of brussel sprouts, pearl onions, and a slice of bacon buttered-toast leaning on our chicken legs. This is the chicken dish "that my mom makes," we were told by Chef Markert. I've got to say, it had us all comfy in the memories with our own childhood experiences with chicken dishes." [BYT]

The Small Menu News: Right now, Beuchert's is earning an average of 4.5 stars on Yelp, with 11 reviews in. One is from Brett M., who writes "Another knock I have on this establishment is that the menu simply isn't that large, in terms of main course meals. i think there are like 6, maybe 7 options. They also have small plates available but not in the sense that you can string them together for a full meal." [Yelp]

The Pre-Ballpark Option News: Also on Yelp, Andrew M. "went with the cheapest item on the menu (Cumberland and Mash), which was so damn good. Sausage with mashed potatoes (both on the bun) and great mustard, includes homemade potato chips. I will be here before a lot of Nats games getting my fix for about as much as the average ball park fare." [Yelp]

The Get The Gnocchi News: Yelp's Juliette P. thought "the food, drinks, and atmosphere are all amazing at Beuchert's!  The braised lamb and rosemary gnocchi was phenomenal.  Can't wait to return and try more items from the menu." [Yelp]

The Don't Forget Dessert News: The Hill is Home has an early report, which says "save room for dessert. The house-made candy bar is like a giant Twix of crunchy chocolate and coffee cream.  It's light and satisfies the chocolate craving. I wish, like a Twix, it came with a twin in the package. Seasonal pies and house-made ice creams are also offered, as are a variety of popsicles (s'mores was my night's selection)." [THIH]

The Solid Manhattan News: Over on Don Rockwell, Banco says, "Not long after their soft opening began I started going to Beuchert's nearly every night for my customary post-performance rye Manhattan wind-down. I can tell you that no matter who happens to be making the drinks there, they are consistently good and well crafted. [DR]
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Beuchert's Saloon

623 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington DC, DC 20003 202-733-1384