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Bethesda Magazine finds solid barbecue at Smoke

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Bethesda Magazine gets its first taste of the new Smoke BBQ. Bethesda is pretty lacking in barbecue choices, and while not perfect, this one sounds like a positive addition to the neighborhood.

I can't say Smoke BBQ knocked my socks off (or nude-colored knee highs, as the case may be), but it's certainly a commendable effort.
The pulled pork sandwich came with a mountain of tender meat; ditto for the pulled chicken and brisket in the combo platter. And the crisp, hand-cut French fries are worth going on a potato bender. [BM]

The $20 Diner visits three standout food trucks for the past week's column, including El Fuego, Goodies and Kushi Moto. Tim Carman says of the third:

My small donburi rice bowl was a bucket of bliss, topped with simmered pork belly in which the fat melted on contact with my tongue. Combined with carrots, scallions, caramelized onions and rice, the pork belly is one major reason to shake a fist at the government and ask: Why? Why must you make it so hard for us to eat this spectacular street food? [WaPo]

Turns out Carman had wanted to highlight Taqueria Tres Reyes in Manassas, but couldn't get enough information from the owner to warrant a proper column.

Northern Virginia Magazine's Stefanie Gans visits Tanpopo Ramen House, one of the few Virginia restaurants to embrace the ramen craze.

The cloudy, Hokkaido miso broth contains the type of porkiness that hits all the way within the nasal cavity. The noodles retain some chew, but do not possess house-made finesse; they are shipped from New York.

THE BLOGS: DC Wrapped Dates thinks Red Apron's porkstrami is delicious (if sometimes greasy)...Count We Love DC among Daikaya's early fans...Eat More Drink More has a typically stellar meal at Komi.

Smoke BBQ [Photo: Facebook]


705 6th Street Northwest, , DC 20001 (202) 589-1600 Visit Website


1509 17th Street Northwest, , DC 20036 (202) 332-9200 Visit Website

Smoke BBQ

4858 Cordell Ave. Bethesda Md.