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Affordable Digs Near H Street; 48 Apartments For 14th

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[Hickok Cole]

14TH ST—With density comes more density and so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that a seven-story building is coming to 14th and Corcoran. It will bring 48 new rental units designed by Hickok Cole.

RENTALS—In our weekly Curbed Comparisons we tried to find place to rent for around $2,500 per month. If that isn't your budget, check out the rest of the Curbed Comparisons right this way.

ADAMS MORGAN—This week for Bar Crawl Living we drew our radius around the hipster hangout Tryst. Click over for a list of where to live if you want to stumble home from this 24-hour hangout.

RACKED—In retail news we heard that Karma by Erwin Gomez is in town, Jackie Flanagan has a pop-up fashion store at GoodWood DC and more.

H STREET—This week we mapped the ten cheapest properties close in to the rollicking H Street Corridor that are on the market right now. Plus we looked back at last year's list to how those properties fared. Things were a lot cheaper then.

GLOVER PARK—The new Northview building has almost sold out but this two bedroom unit is still on the market. Is that an imaginary friend we spy at the dinner table?

VIDEO INTERLUDE—On July 4th there will be a new movie out with Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx saving the world from terrorists. We have the trailer if you want to see the Capitol Building and other DC landmarks get uglified.

GEORGETOWN—There's a house for sale that has an illustrious pedigree. Not only did Jackie O give the gift of the boxwoods outside, but one of the previous residents was the last private owner of both the Hope Diamond and a diamond called Star of the East that had twice as many carats. The house is nice too.

THE TOWERS—That wacky condo with a green velvet room, round white room, bright red room, and more weird stuff sold quickly for just shy of $2M.

CURBED UNIVERSITY—Some of the intel we dropped this week includes 9 important things to know about appraisals and details on tax breaks and grants for homeowners. Plus we had agent Pam Wye from Sotheby's International Realty answer your questions about first time homebuying.

PRICE CHOPS—We've mapped some of the homes that have been sitting on the market for a while but just came down in price as the spring buying swell gets underway. The bigger the house, the bigger the chop.