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Where's the Best Salad Bar in DC?

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It's Friday and it's time to hear from the crowd. Have something you want discussed among the fine Eater readers? Send it this way.
Sweetgreen [Photo: Facebook]

People sometimes don't have time to whip up that spinach-goat-cheese-avocado-sunflower-seeds-dried-cranberries salad in the morning before they head off to work. Or they lack a key ingredient. (No more truffle oil?! The horror...) These reasons, however, shouldn't deter lunch goers from treating themselves to that hearty salad. So for those busy, healthy-food-starved souls who can't seem to find a more salubrious alternative, this week's open thread is for you: Where's the best salad bar in DC? Share favorites in the comments section, or send thoughts to the always-open tipline.