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Least Expensive Homes In Capitol Hill; Rentals for $1,500

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LEAST EXPENSIVES—We mapped the ten cheapest homes for sale in (or near) Capitol Hill and only one of them was a holdover from the list we made in 2012. We looked back at that 2012 list too to see what sold at what price and found that very few of them met their asking price. So maybe the same will be true for this year.

RENTALS— This week for Curbed Comparisons we looked high and low to find rentals for around $1,500 per month. Almost all of them are not shared living spaces so you can have the place to yourself.

U STREET—There's a contemporary penthouse for sale for under a million dollars. It includes an indoor glass bridge and stairway.

CURBED UNIVERSITY—There's a new semester of Curbed University in session where we look at the basics of how to buy a house. This week the topic was How Much House Can You Afford. And we also had a realtor answer questions sent to our tipline. Mostly the questions ran along the lines of should I buy now or wait. He shared his thoughts about what to think about with timing a real estate purchase.

VIDEO INTERLUDE—The plastic bag tax was semi-controversial so now a few people have made a video parodying how hard it was to come up with the idea to charge people for bags. Hilarity and exaggeration ensue.

BALTIMORE—A most unusual abode on the Inner Harbor is for sale. It is a five level townhouse with a full floor master suite, interior three-level waterfall, and great views. On the market for under $900K.

MCLEAN—The home belonging to real estate mogul Joe Robert's estate sold after about two million was taken off the price. That means it sold for $9.3M and the six acres are still intact.

RACKED—Indochino pop-up is shutting down, J. Crew is expanding in Tysons, and a few other stores have news to report.

KALORAMA—The Pollin family developed so many neighborhoods around DC (including the Verizon Center nabe) but this second generation of the family had to take a small loss on their house (that used to be a school).

SOUTHWEST—There's a new 200+ unit apartment building with great rooftop views of the Capitol that begins leasing in the next month or so. We have the price list and floorplans.