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A Look at BGR: The Burger Joint By the Numbers

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When customers step up to the burger counter, their focus tends to be on their own private patty - the desired toppings, the level of done-ness, the preferred sides. But how does that one order of bleu cheese and onions stack up against what other customers are requesting for each day?

Eater asked Mark Bucher, founder and owner of BGR: The Burger Joint, to provide a breakdown of how many burgers are served at the Dupont Circle location in the average week. Bucher goes further, sharing the amount of mustard, ketchup and more that the restaurant goes through in a seven-day period. Here's a look at one of the city's favorite burger destinations by the numbers.

Buns and burgers served per week: 2,100-3,000
Pounds of ground beef used: 4,200-6,000
Pounds of bacon: 80
Pounds of cheese: 60
Pounds of lettuce: 110
Pounds of tomatoes: More than 600
Pounds of onions: More than 150
Pounds of pickles: More than 100
Gallons of ketchup: 30
Gallons of BGR's "mojo" sauce: 15
Gallons of mustard: "Very little"
Amount of secret non-menu topping: Grilled jalapenos, 200
Actual weight of "The 9 Pounder" burger: 15.4 lbs. with condiments, including two heads of lettuce, eight tomatoes, three red onions and four whole pickles
Number of 9 pounders ordered in the average month: 2-4 (and Bucher says, "Nobody has finished yet." Challenge delivered.)
—Marissa Bialecki
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BGR - The Burger Joint

1514 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 202 299 1071

BGR: The Burger Joint

1514 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC