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Zengo's Special Burger with Bacon and Miso Mustard

Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Eater continues this year's Burger Week tradition of highlighting special burgers from restaurants which normally don't feature a burger on the menu. Next up: Zengo. The burger features house ground beef, ancho-hickory smoked bacon, gruyere, miso mustard, pickle, lettuce and onion.

Chef Graham Bartlett said he has always had an affinity for doing house ground beef for burgers. "We are using an all natural chuck product from Creekstone Farms that has a good reputation," he said. The higher end product costs more, but is worth the money and trouble, he explains. "In the end it's jus ta healthier product with better flavor and texture."

Bartlett has been using his bacon recipe for several years at Zengo, as well as at some of the other restaurants within Richard Sandoval's company — Eater readers may have sampled it at brunch. "It is cured but not in the bath of nitrates you normally see, and it's smoked in-house as well," he said.

Burgers have been a tough sell for Zengo in the past. "I think most of the clientele prefer something lighter and healthier and don't come for that," he said. "I just thought this would be a fun opportunity to try something different." Give the burger a try for $13, including a choice of togarashi fries or salad of the day.
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