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Burger-Slinging Food Trucks: Where are They?

Photo by R. Lopez
Photo by R. Lopez

A review of the burger scene in D.C. shows that slinging these patty sandwiches appears to be a brick-and-mortar game.

Three active food trucks -- Green Eggs and Burgers, Dorothy Moon's Gourmet Burgers and José Andrés' Pepe — who have been in the roving food business for a little over a year to a few months, however, are biting that piece of the market with their own take of this American classic.

Dorothy Moon's Gourmet Burgers
The operators of this food truck like to keep their offerings simple. So simple that they specifically write "no turkey" on the truck's menu. Just 3.5 oz beef patties.

Orders can be a single or double patty on a Martin's potato roll. For the truly ravenous eater, there's also the triple burger. The toppings are standard, but the fried egg and Srirachara stand out.

"Once you go egg, you don't go back," says operator James Noone, who likes to tell customers that the truck is named after his imaginary ex-wife.

Green Eggs and Burgers
Don't expect Dr. Seuss' green-colored speciality at this food cart. In addition to the omelettes, the "organically fresh" cart offers three types of burgers on its lunch menu: a solo 4 oz beef patty sandwich; two 4 oz patties; and a vegan burger. All are served on a white or whole wheat bun.

Lunch goers in Bethesda and, now, Rosslyn have the option of ordering each burger by itself or in a combo special with fries or chips and a beverage. The cart offers classic toppings and condiments, as well as the fried egg. Co-owner Issa Noorestani, a self proclaimed "gym rat" who loves burgers as much as the cart's three other founders, loves the extra protein on the burgers.

Leave it up to Andres' ThinkFoodGroup to conceive a Spanish-American fusion called the butifarra "burger" for the celebrity chef's food truck.

Jaleo's butifarra pork sausage is taken out of the casing and flattened into a thin patty that fits inside a nine and half inch crispy Spanish bread called the "flauta." Sauces in patatas bravas -- spicy tomato and garlic mayo -- are spread on top of the meat.

"It's an American fare with Spanish flavors," says Pepe's chef Sean Wheaton.
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