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Terrible Landlord Caught; DC Under Water; More

CHEVY CHASE— A landlord faces 18 months in jail after a tenant who read Cosmo Magazine, yes THAT Cosmo, learned how to detect his hidden cameras. He used them to tape the three girls living there having sex. Awful.

MONUMENTS— These renderings of what DC might look like in 500 years, after sea levels rise, are creepy. But the slide bar is really addictive.

KALORAMA— The neighbors don't want two rowhouses turned into a giant 16 unit condo development. It probably does not help that the rendering looks a bit like a late '80s video game.

BROOKLAND— The first of three new buildings for the Monroe Street Market project is looking almost done. Brookland Works will have 562 apartments by Bozzuto and is supposed to be complete in June. Two more buildings — Portland Flats and Cornerstone — are supposed to open in October 2013 and January 2014, respectively.

CIRCLES— Spring came a little late this year, but it is looking a lot better, especially in Dupont Circle.

WSJ— Has your realtor tried to convince you that you should pay a professional stager to help sell the home? You might just need a bowl of green apples.