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A Look at the Estancia-Inspired Del Campo, Now Open

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

[Photos: Gerry Suchy/]

The design of Del Campo, chef Victor Albisu's new restaurant, was inspired by the idea of the estancia, a large type of country home in South America. "He was inspired by his grandmother's home, and all the homes he saw traveling with his family," explained Allison Cooke of Core, who designed the project. "They're just beautiful and large and flowing." Whitewashed floors, simple design, a contemporary feel and antiques are all common elements of estancias, she said. Del Campo is one of many restaurants lately which has tried to achieve the feel of a house in its design.

For Del Campo, Cooke played with the idea of "relaxed luxury," using touches such as warm wood floors and antique chandeliers to evoke the feel. The wine bar at the entrance, wrapped in leather at the front, is meant to feel like an antique, country piece of furniture, with an aged logo branded into it. Antique mirrors are another design feature. Leather accents are meant to feel warm and rustic, like "wearing a suit jacket with torn jeans." Pitted concrete and faux finishes can also be found within the restaurant.

The location, where PS7's used to be, was challenging because the restaurant and the lounge were completely separate entities, Cooke explained. The designers pulled back the entry vestibule and tried to link the two spaces with the chandelier. Some of the platformed areas of the restaurants were lowered down as well. Another fixture of the restaurant is the Asado Bar, which gives diners a view of the restaurant. Del Campo opened for dinner yesterday evening.
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