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Azur to Open April 18 with its Own Mini Bar

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Frederick de Pue may be totally transforming the former Cafe Atlantico and Minibar building into his upcoming Azur restaurant, but the building's history won't entirely be forgotten in the transition.

That's because de Pue, whose restaurant will open April 18, is housing his own mini bar in the same location where Andres experimented with molecular gastronomy. Here, though, the bar is a raw bar, with room for six and a variety of oysters, caviars and cured salmon dishes to choose from. Here are five other things to know.

· The restaurant seats 135 people stretched over four floors and the design has an ocean theme, a spiral staircase and a chandelier of bubbles.

· Here are a couple items on the opening menu for Azur; the offerings will chase seasonally. Choose from roasted turbot with hakurie turnips, red mullet with shaved fennel salad and grilled tiger prawns with snap peas and popcorn grits. There's also a whole section of fish and shellfish cooked in pots in a variety of broths.

· The mini bar isn't the restaurant's only drinking option. There's a bar on the first floor which has its own menu, with items like fish and chips, baked oysters and uni toast. Boat-themed cocktails are on the drink list. The wine list specializes in whites.

· On the environmentally-friendly front, Azur will filter its own water using the Natura system, and recycle its oyster shells.

· The interior designer, Natacha Folens, is a familiar name. She also worked on another upcoming Belgian restaurant — B Too from Bart Vandaele.
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[Photo: Frederick de Pue]


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