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The Rye Bar's $22 Manhattan is In Demand

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

So, apparently people aren't too keen on paying $40 for a cocktail. But what about $22? The Rye Bar's barrel-aged riff on a Manhattan raised some eyebrows with its price tag when it showed up on the menu back in April. Such controversy might have led to a lack of business for the bar within the Capella hotel (or at least slow sales for that particular drink). But that wasn't the case, according to food and beverage manager Will Rentschler.

The drink uses barrel-aged Dad's Hat rye, a small-batch whiskey from Pennsylvania, as its main component. When Rentschler decided to age some of the liquor, it was an experiment — he didn't necessarily see demand being particularly high for the cocktail. So he made half a barrel, which was enough for 175 cocktails. He figured it'd last him at least a month.

Try eight days. That's how quickly the drink sold out, and customers have been asking about it since. It's now back on the menu, and this time Rentschler knew better. He made a full barrel (15 gallons), which will be enough for 350 cocktails. Another batch is already aging so that it hopefully will be ready by the time this one runs out.
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Rye Bar

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