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Ovvio Osteria, Le Pain Quotidien, Sala Thai All Coming

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Welcome to the Plywood Report, where we fill you in on what's coming up in food. See anything happening in your neighborhood? Send us a note at
salathaifb.jpg1) Merrifield: The Washington Business Journal learns that Ovvio Osteria is opening in Merrifield, in the Halstead Square complex where Lost Dog Cafe and Blackfinn Ameripub are located. Not a lot of information about the restaurant, which just filed for a building permit, was available. [PLYWOOD]

2) Northeast: Also in permit news, the Sala Thai bound for 2300 Washington Place NE at Rhode Island Row, has applied for one. The Thai restaurant is aiming for a late summer opening, according to Elevation DC. [PLYWOOD]

3) Union Station: Le Pain Quotidien has another D.C. location on the way — this one for Union Station. There's a craigslist ad seeking to hire workers out of the restaurant's Georgetown location at 2815 M St. NW. [POST-PLYWOOD]

Sala Thai DC [Photo: Facebook]

Sala Thai

2300 Washington Place NE Washington, DC