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GBD Sells More than 2,000 Doughnuts in a Week

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's no secret that lines have been long and doughnuts have been selling out quickly at Neighborhood Restaurant Group's GBD (Golden Brown Delicious). Eater got the restaurant to compile some stats to demonstrate just how many doughnuts are flying out of the kitchen each day. Here's what they came up with:

Doughnuts: between 2,200-2,400 sold per week
Biscuits (both creme fraiche and sweet potato): 1,700 per week
Number of Luther sandwiches sold: 220 per week
Chickens: The equivalent of 480 chickens per week
Cole slaw: 80 lbs. per week
Sauces available (on and off-menu): 13
Flour: 250 lbs. used per week
Lines: The managers have never counted the number of people in the longest customer line, but Erik Bergman says that on the restaurant's busiest day, there was a stream of doughnut eaters for four hours straight.

And here's another fun fact: There are 100 unique GBD logos created for the restaurant, and there are 2,500 of them on the wall that's visible when a customer first enters the location.
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GBD (Golden Brown Delicious)

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