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Architectural Walking Tour, Cleveland Park Complaints

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Valerie Paschall]

CURBED MAPS — There are some pretty cool buildings in the area around the National Mall (besides the Capitol) so we mapped our favorites that you, too, can check them out. Also, all of them are within walking distance of each other.

CLEVELAND PARK — The Cleveland Park Complaints Tumblr got a rash of local press a few weeks ago, because its takedown of first world problems is amazing. Here are our five favorite new complaints.

TECH TALK — A new app for iPad called Close It! went on the market this week to help calculate the finer monetary points of home buying and selling, so we tested it out.

LOGAN CIRCLE VS. COLUMBIA HEIGHTS — In this week's Real Estate Death Match, we've pitted a Logan Circle condo against a competitor from Columbia Heights. Right now, the Logan Circle condo is ahead, but go ahead and vote for your favorite.

GLOVER PARKA strip club is reopening in the neighborhood, this time with private alcoves and the neighbors are not happy about it.

WEST END — The Fannie Mae CFO just sold her West End condo, but not before she learned some great perks about upscale condo life. Here are our five favorite discoveries from her interview with the Washington Post.

CAPITOL HILL — When the YouTube video tour of the house plays "It's a Small World," at least there's no question about the size of the place for rent. The backyard is larger!