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RGIII's $2.5 Million Home; Outdoor Movie Screenings

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Kevin Harber]

LOUDOUN COUNTY — In addition to having knee surgery, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III bought a $2.5 million house during the offseason. We've got some pictures of the Leesburg mansion.

CURBED MAPS — The temperatures are rising, the pools are opening and the area's free outdoor movie screenings are starting to pop back up. We've mapped all the ones that we can find, so bring your popcorn and your blanket to the one nearest you.

SHAWCity Market at O just released the floorplan for their three bedroom penthouse. The walk-in closet is droolworthy but holy cow, the terrace!

CURBED COMPARISONS — We got some numbers from the folks at StreetEasy so that our Curbed readers could decide whether these one bedroom apartments in Penn Quarter and U Street were worth buying or better to rent.

CLARENDON — This group house wasn't able to take a picture of the room that's actually for rent in their home, so they snapped a photo of their roommate's messy room of the same dimensions. Messy rooms happen, but what's with the Monster Energy Drink poster?

MICHIGAN PARK — What do you do with your campaign headquarters once the campaign is over? If you're at-large council member Vincent Orange, you sell it...two years later. Hey, it comes with six parking spaces!