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District Tea Lodge Now Open, Serving Draft Kombucha

[Photos: Kat Lucero/]

Yogis and health-enthusiasts can now get their fix of this fizzy fermented drink and a wide variety of herbal teas at District Tea Lodge. The teahouse component of Jasmine Chehrazi's Yoga District opened at noon today, according to its Facebook page.

District Tea House is currently serving two flavors of kombucha on tap—regular and ginger. It also has 14 types of herbal teas selected by Yoga District's in-house nutritionist, smoothies and a booze alternative called the kava kava "mocktail." The food menu is going to be light with homemade items such as chia seed pudding and salad of the day, says manager Meghan Ryan. Status: Softly-open. 1922 I St. NW; website.