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The Early Word on Vendetta, H Street's Bocce Bar

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One of the latest additions to the Atlas District is Vendetta, open in the former Red Palace space. The restaurant specializes in simple Italian fare, but is also known for its Vespa theme and bocce courts. It's a fun place to be, but is it a good place to eat? Here's what Yelpers, bloggers and others think about Vendetta's first weeks.

The Subpar Pasta News: Vendetta is currently earning three stars on Yelp with 12 reviews in. One is from Mike S., who says, "This is based upon the first week, and I have high hopes things will improve.  My wife and I both got tagliatelle dishes as our mains - bolognese for me, carbonara for her.  While the flavors were good, there was nowhere near enough sauce and we found the pasta to be just a bit undercooked - not al dente, but actually undercooked.  We also ordered the bread appetizer, expecting warm bread - not a bag of cold bread." [Yelp]

The Better As a Bar News: Yelper Venu N. says, "Vendetta works well as a bar, but I'm not as convinced about the restaurant aspects.   In fairness, this is opening week so it is quite possible that the cuisine will improve exponentially over the next month.  Right now, however, I can only recommend it as a dynamic new bar." [Yelp]

The Gasp! Cold Bread News: Yelper Karie K. says, "I'll just never be able to accept an Italian restaurant that doesn't provide free bread. It's not even warm! The horror!" [Yelp]

The Regulars Already News: Jennifer N. is a fan of the place. "Overall, the experience was stellar.  After paying our check we played 2 games of bocce and decided we were quickly becoming regulars.  The bartenders were so great and even gave us our first round of prosecco on the house." [Yelp]

The Order the Squid Ink Pasta News: Blog District Cuisine took an early trip to Vendetta. "We tried the squid ink with seared squid accompanied by penne pasta.  While the appearance of the dish might be off-putting to some because of the squid ink sauce, the dish's taste made up for it. Tender squid combined with a savory sauce made for quite an enjoyable evening.  We also sampled the meatball and turnip ragu which featured somewhat spicy meatballs in a garlic and pepper sauce." [DC]

The Unfussy News: UrbanDaddy sums it up by saying, "This place is built on the bones of the old Red Palace, and it's from the crew behind the H Street Country Club, so you know what to expect—unfussy food and a solid recreational option." [UD]

The No Chicken, Just Rabbit News: BYT singles out the fact that the place doesn't carry chicken, but is just fine with the rabbit instead. "Their rabbit, by the by, is confited for roughly five hours, then removed of all bones, then stewed with rapini, cinnamon, white wine, mustard and rabbit stock. It's no wonder it's their best seller so far." [BYT]

The Underseasoned News
: Over on Don Rockwell, JoshNE says, "The pastas are touted as being made in-house. You choose a shape and then pair with one of several sauces. I can only vouch for the squid ink and the rabbit ragu. Both were completely unseasoned and served on the cool side of luke warm. The papardelle served with the ragu was drying out with the noodles all clumped together. No bueno.  The requested salt shaker and wine were delivered ~5 minutes after everyone finished their pasta." [DR]

The Dessert News: On Twitter, user @MBMeek notes the "Yummy cannoli! @vendettadc" [Twitter]

The Thumbs Up News: From H Street Great Street on Twitter, "Thumbs up on @VendettaDC. We rec frito misto, gnocchi, kale pesto & reservations. It's a great new spot on H & it's already very popular." [Twitter]
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1210 H St. NE Washington, DC

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