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The Early Word on Mockingbird Hill's Sherry and Ham

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Mockingbird Hill, the sherry and ham bar from Derek Brown and Chantal Tseng, opened about a week and a half ago in Shaw. The menu is focused on those two items, so it's pretty imperative that the ham is delicious and the sherry impresses. What do the first bloggers, Yelpers and others have to say about Mockingbird Hill? Here's the latest:

The Cask of Amontillado News: Serious Eats recommends the Amontillado-based Adonis cocktail. "The Adonis, made with Amontillado sherry, Cocchi Vermouth de Torino, aromatic and orange bitters, and an orange peel, is essentially a sherry Manhattan. It has the same bittersweet, citrus qualities you'd find in a Manhattan, but with an earthy funkiness from the barrel aged Amontillado." [SE]

The Expert Advice News: Mockingbird Hill is currently earning a whopping 5 stars on Yelp with seven reviews in. One is from Christopher W., who says, "If there is one thing you should come to expect from this dynamic duo, it is their wonderful knowledge of their product. If you aren't a sherry expert, you are quick to receive the needed help to become a fan. I attended as someone who never had a great deal of sherry. Very quickly, Derek was asking for ideas of what I like and matching sherries appropriately. Additionally, the pairings were wonderful." [Yelp]

The Derek Brown Fangirl News: Suzy D. puts it simply. "Like all things Derek Brown does, this place is perfect." [Yelp]

The Solid Service News: Lena T. observes, "Well if you don't like sherry (spoiler: I apparently don't) that's tough. But the gin and tonic ON TAP  and all the food is amazing. Similar prices to passenger/hogo and equally high quality...And they didn't seem to have any of the new place bumps that impact a lot of places. Or if they were having issues, we didn't see them." [Yelp]

The Sherry Alternative News: BYT's preview singles out their gin and tonic on tap. "This edition of the tonic is apple and thyme tinged and is a great continuation of the flavor palette offered in other aspects of the bar, as well as a terrific offset to the very junipery Green Hat Gin. I had 2 in a row before I even noticed I had them." [BYT]

The Free Snacks News: UrbanDaddy tells customers to, "order one of their 50-plus sherries straight up and they'll throw in snacks like olives, chocolate or peanuts. Or better yet, upgrade to pickled eggs, manchego or one of the hams hanging behind the bar. They'll have at least three from Spain and America, plus some duck prosciutto."

The Non-Spanish Ham News: Capital Cooking says, "The ham is super yummy.  It looks like Spanish ham, but it is actually from West Virginia.?Bottom line:  Stop in this weekend for some amazing drinks and ham!" [CC]

The Spanish Influence News: Over on Don Rockwell, user Arlene explains, "The food menu is short and spanish - think olives, anchovies, tomato bread and hams - and everything we had was high quality and excellent? I can't wait to go back and wish it were open during the day so I could have a sherry with my afternoon reading. " [DR]

The Twitter Rave: Says @kateddc, "People, get yourselves to @drinkmoresherry. It's lovely & delicious." [Twitter]
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Mockingbird Hill

1843 7th St. NW Washington, DC

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