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Andrés Would Like to Take America Eats Beyond the U.S.

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More enticing news out of the Aspen Food & Wine Festival: it sounds like José Andrés would like to export America Eats abroad. Eater National caught up with the chef, who apparently said a little too much about the idea. From the article:

I've always believed that America Eats could and should be a restaurant that showcases the best of America. So this to me, it's almost to say, let me create that so we can see American Eats maybe in other cities around the world one day. We should start exporting more than fast food chains. We should be exporting not great Japanese chains that were created in America. We should be exporting great American restaurants overseas.

Where would you want to go? Anywhere we are needed. Anything American, there are always big fans. The love that the world has for anything American — NBA, baseball, movies — why can't there be the same love for great American food? For me, it's very logical. I don't know if it will be me, but if it's not me, it will be somebody else.

Oh also! [Looks to his PR guy.] My PR people told me that I was not supposed to tell you about this. [PR guys says, "Stop stop stop, let's go!"] Another country, south of the United States. They told me, "Don't tell them about that." Oh shit, I told them? [And his PR guy pulls him away.]

So he's probably not saying more about that for awhile. But it's a teasing proposition. America Eats, the former pop-up restaurant showcasing American cuisine, will reopen in Tysons Corner this fall.
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