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Check Out the Cover of Enzo Fargione's Cookbook

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's inching closer to publication time for Enzo Fargione's new cookbook. Visual Eats: A Behind the Scenes Look at Modern Italian Cooking is the chef's combination cookbook and memoir. It's being published by Keith Publications.

The Osteria Elisir chef talked to Eater about the project back in October. He said at the time, "I hope it's going to get a lot of buzz, it'll come out sometime next year. It's half classic cookbook, using my personal interpretation of modern Italian cuisine. And the other half is my personal experiences. Part bio, part about my transition from Italy here, getting exposed to chefs like Michel Richard, Roberto Donna. I've taken a lot of culinary trips over the years, and when we chefs are on trips, we turn into something different — there are no rules. So I thought people would be interested to see behind those curtains, while still being respectful to the chefs involved."

Fargione tells Eater today that there isn't a firm launch date for the book yet, but he is expecting late September or October of this year.
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