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Where Can You Get a Decent Club Sandwich?

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's Friday and it's time to hear from the crowd. Have something you want discussed among the fine Eater readers? Send it this way.
[Photo: R. Lopez]

Next week is Greasy Spoon Week on Eater, which means the site will be devoting its attention to important things like blue plate specials, meatloaf and those places open 24 hours. An iconic diner and greasy spoon dish is the club sandwich, but while they can be found on room service menus and the occasional lunch menu, they're not necessarily a D.C. standby. So this week's Open Thread asks the very specific question, "Where Can You Get a Decent Club Sandwich Around D.C.?" Please share answers in the comments section, or holler at the always-open tipline.