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Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week 2013, Starting NOW

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Another Eater theme week is here, and this time, our sites across the country are turning our attention to all things diner-related. Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week. We'll focus on those places open 24/7, underrated dives, historic diners, and more. Expect a focus on classic diner dishes, from meatloaf to milkshakes, and a look at D.C.'s diner culture. We've got Eater specials available at both a fast-casual favorite and a higher-end newbie: Taylor Gourmet and Azur (more on those later). Plus, readers will meet some of the hardworking employees that have been serving up hash browns and half-smokes for decades.

It all starts now — and the comments section here might be a good opportunity to sing the praises of a favorite greasy spoon, diner dish or other relevant topic.
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