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A Look at The Diner By The Numbers

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Photo: The Diner/Facebook

Any given Sunday – or Saturday morning or Friday night – the Adams Morgan crowd queues up for pancakes, bacon, coffee, and mimosas at The Diner. Ever wonder how that line translate into sheer numbers of ingredients consumed? The Diner's general manager Clementine Thomas shared the amount of eggs, milkshakes, pancakes and more that the restaurant goes through in the average seven-day period. And whoa, it's a lot of eggs. See all the stats below, including the average number of diners on the wait list during peak times at this AdMo brunch and late-night institution.

Cups of coffee: 1,000
Pounds of bacon: 300
Number of eggs: 10,000
Pounds of ketchup: 250
Pounds of cheese: Over 225
Cases of fries: 130
Cases of tater tots: 50
Pounds of grits: 100
Number of pancakes: 1,400
Gallons of ice cream: 100
Pieces of pie: 150
Number of milkshakes: 400
Orders of wings: 250
Pieces of bread: 6,000
Orders of Bacon Meatloaf: 50
Grilled Cheeses: 150
Diners on the wait list during Sunday brunch: 30
Diners on the wait list during weekend grave: 30
Adele Chapin

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The Diner

2453 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009