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Brookland's Finest, Ivey and Coney, More Coming

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Welcome to the Plywood Report, where we fill you in on what's coming up in food. See anything happening in your neighborhood? Send us a note at

dunkindonuts.jpg1) Brookland: Construction has begun on Brookland's Finest restaurant, according to Elevation D.C. The place is designed to be a family-friendly restaurant and coffee shop at 12th and Jackson Sts. NE. It's from the owner of Solly's. No firm opening date (the ANC is protesting the liquor license). [PLYWOOD]

2) Shaw: Ivy and Coney will open at 1537 7th St. NW...eventually, reports Young and Hungry. The owners of Kangaroo Boxing Club just signed a lease for the space, and are planning a chill bar. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

3) Georgetown: A bakery for a cause. Patch brings word of Dog Tag Bakery, which will open at 3206 Grace St. NW. It will also serve as a veteran training center. [PLYWOOD]

4) Metro Center: More donuts, but these aren't the fancy kind. Dunkin' Donuts' latest D.C. location will be at 1200 G St. NW, WBJ reports. [PLYWOOD]

[Photo: Dunkin' Donuts]