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Hoagies With Taylor Owner's Condo; Google Office Predictions

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photos courtesy of Jay Bauer Realtor via Doug Rashid]

PENN QUARTER — Holy hoagies, Batman! If you buy Taylor Gourmet owner Casey Patten's condo, he'll throw in five years of free hoagies. The condo itself is pretty nice: it was renovated by Grupo7, the same architectural firm that designed the Taylor locations.

UNION STATIONGoogle's government affairs office is moving away from its K Street office space into a truly gargantuan one by Union Station. We look at some of the wildest designs in other Google offices in preparation for whatever craziness the tech giant has in store.

GEORGETOWN — The sentencing in the 2011 murder of socialite/journalist Viola Drath may remain in limbo, but her Georgetown home is on the market, regardless. It appears to have had some work done since the New York Times commented on its yellowing kitchen and poorly lit dining area.

BETHESDA — Real Estate Death Match heads to Maryland. Vote for your favorite two bedroom apartment. The spot on Battery Lane seems to be running away with the competition at the moment.

GEORGETOWN — It's a game of musical mansions! Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank moves into the enormous home that's being vacated by Deborah Winsor, widow of the Bank of Georgetown founder. Meanwhile, she's purchased the home that disgraced IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn couldn't seem to get off the market.

LAWMAKERS — Texas representative Louie Gohmert seems to think that the best way to get D.C. residents a vote in Congress is to return the land that's not a part of the National Mall area back to Maryland. Shockingly, no one is co-sponsoring this silly bill.

PARKSIDE — We have a more elaborate gallery coming of the new MetroTowns at Parkside community. But during yesterday's ribbon cutting ceremony, we noticed that whoever staged the model home is a Dr. Who fan and it warmed the geeky corners of our hearts.

SHAW — How well are the architects of City Market at O doing of combining the existing brick structure with the new development? We snapped some photos and asked our readers in this poll.

CURBED YOUNG GUNS — Curbed has named the semifinalists for our Curbed Young Guns competition that honors the best young names in architecture, design and urban development. D.C. has two entrants that have made it this far, Allison C. Cooke of CORE and Daniel Miller of Fundrise. Congratuations!

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