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Ovvio: A New Place for Tiramisu, Come August

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Upcoming Merrifield restaurant Ovvio has revealed what will be on the menu when it opens in August, and diners should expect the Italian classics: pizza, pasta, tiramisu, the works.

The restaurant is being overseen by Chris Watson, a veteran of such restaurants as Brabo and Four Seasons Lana'i. He's joined by another Brabo alumnus, Jennifer Short, who is handling the pastries. The food is emphasizing the Calabria region of Italy, an area that stresses simple and seasonal preparations.

That means antipasti, breads, wood-fired pizzas and straightforward desserts for diners. The wine list, naturally, will lean Italian, and the restaurant will boast an open kitchen. There is room for 130 diners inside, with two large communal tables as focal points. An outdoor patio will suit 36. Early August is the goal for opening.
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