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18th Amendment Closing; Bar Charley Coming

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

CAPITOL HILL— Tomorrow's the last day of business for the 18th Amendment, reports Young & Hungry. That means West Potomac Rugby club is going to have to find a new bar of choice. [WCP]

DUPONT CIRCLEBar Charley, from the owner of Jackie's and El Chucho, will open where the Cajun Experience used to be. There will be affordable Manhattans, bison sloppy joes and more, Tom Sietsema reports. [WaPo]

NORTHEAST— Here are two reasons to hit up Red Apron at Union Market this weekend. One is that the Frank hot dog cart will be at the drive-in movie event tonight beginning at 5 p.m. The second should be particularly appealing to industry folks — they're making an ice cream sandwich out of Fernet Branca and lime ginger cookies. [EaterWire]

14TH STREET— Pizza restaurant Ghibellina has gotten enough complaints about the fact that they don't cut their pies that they're taking matters into their own hands. Pizza shears, imported from Italy, are now available for guests, according to a rep. [EaterWire]

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18th Amendmen

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