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The Early Word on Quirky Bar Thomas Foolery

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's been almost two weeks since Thomas Foolery opened in Dupont Circle. The Zeke's DC Donutz replacement had residents scratching their heads, due to the combination of such attractions as Plinko, a Smirnoff Ice selection, Sour Patch Kids vodka and more. It's clear the place has a wacky vibe — but is it fun wacky or ridiculous? Here's what the first Yelpers, bloggers and others had to say about the place.

The Plinko News: Thomas Foolery is earning 4.5 stars right now on Yelp, with 13 reviews in. One is from Brian S., who says, "This place combines everything fun about being a kid (pretty much everything) with everything fun about being a grownup (alcohol).  Drink beer (large bottle selection, reasonably priced), while you play Mario Kart, challenge friends in board games (Connect 4, Don't Break the Ice, lots more), and mess around with random kids toys. Another thrilling gimmick is the plinko game to see how much your Smirnoff Ice will cost - a great excuse to drink Smirnoff Ice!" [Yelp]

The Lack of Music News: Also on Yelp, Braden J. says, "Thomas Foolery is a great original idea for a bar. Now that all the 90s kids are in their twenties and want to relive their past this place decided to let them do it. Better yet, Thomas Foolery lets the young adults of the city play the games of their childhood with a beer in their hands. What more could you want? Did you use to think ball and cup or connect four were fun? try it drunk! Remember root beer floats on summer nights? Well no one liked the root anyways so now they serve beer floats! This place is small and for some reason last night they weren't playing any music (can I please get some backstreet boys to listen to while eating pop rocks), but it is a good time and has lots of games to keep you entertained. Check it out sometime and party like a kid again." [Yelp]

The Cautiously Optimistic News: Mo V. says, "It's fun, but not *that* fun.  If I could give it a 3.75 with great props for potential, I would. It's got everything you want when you want to feel good: games, classic candies, every kind of alcoholic drink you could want and then some PLUS unique sodas and classic chocolate milk. It's got your favorite childhood foods too but there's a catch: they're fancy. So when you want an adult grilled cheese you spend $8 to get it with bacon and guac and whatever...which is good but they should also offer the basic white bread and kraft singles combo for three bucks. Maybe $3.50. It just makes WAY more sense." [Yelp]

The Delicious Peanut Butter News: Esther O. observes, "Thomas Foolery was SO MUCH FUN.  Fun classic games, a candy bar, adults drinks... what's not to love?  PLUS they serve PB&J which [is] absurdly delicious - which I really don't get.  It's PB&J - I'm not sure how they make it so amazing.  And as of today (supposedly) they will have vegan chocolate chip cookies, so... nom." [Yelp]

The Great for a Seven Year Old News: On Facebook, Dan says, "Check out Thomas Foolery in Dupont! It's basically the exact bar I would have designed at age seven, and it's awesome. Sour patch kids in vodka for the win!" [Facebook]

The Root Beer Float News: Also on Facebook, Dara says,"Last week I came here for a midday pick-me-up chocolate root beer float and some Captain Cookie cookies for the office. Everything was great!" [Facebook]

The Younger Demographic News: There's speculation about the place over on Don Rockwell, but doesn't look like anyone has been yet. This is from B.A.R.: "If I was 21-23 I'd be there all of the time, and would actively try to be "The King". Sounds like a quirky/fun place with cheap drinks- not too many places like that in Downtown.But I am old, so I'll never set foot in there." [DR]

The Ice Cream News: Here's a tip from Jon on FourSquare: "Loved the black cherry ice cream". [FS]

The Gimmicky News: Fritz Hahn already has a review of the place, saying, "Like Mr. Yogato, Thomas Foolery is built on gimmick upon gimmick. Ask the staff to take the limbo stick from behind the bar, limbo lower than your "thigh midpoint" and you get free candy; dress like Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and perform the Running Man dance, and you'll get 10 percent off; tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue and you get a $1 Cheerwine. Finally, the infantilization of Washington is complete." [WaPo]
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Thomas Foolery

2029 P Street, NW Washington, DC