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Comment of the Day

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

A patio should have a sense of place, says one anonymous Eater commenter. "Why do restaurant owner and managers have the impression that just throwing a few table and chairs out on the sidewalk makes for a fabulous outdoor dining space? After all the time, trouble and expense of obtaining a permit to have the sidewalk space to use, it seems to me that they would want it to invite people in, to make them want to see if the inside of the restaurant is as wonderful as the sidewalk. Posto, on 14th street in Logan Circle is a perfect example. At first just the usual tables and chairs sitting on an unattractive sidewalk, it has been transformed in to a beautiful space. Granted, it took construction scaffolding to make it happen, but the space is so now so inviting." [-EN-]


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