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The Early Word on Teddy & the Bully Bar

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Photo: Courtesy Teddy & the Bully Bar
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Teddy & the Bully Bar was a highly anticipated addition to the D.C. restaurant scene, particularly on account of its connection to the similarly presidential Lincoln, which has plenty of fans. The Roosevelt theme is constant throughout, but does that all add up to good food and drinks? Here's what the first bloggers, Yelpers and others had to say about Teddy.

The Facebook Rave: From FB fan Victor, "This place is awesome. :D" [FB]

The Facebook Rant: Emily on Facebook has some qualms with the wine list. "Can't wait to come back after the kinks are worked out (and the wine list is improved. Dear heavens that needs work!) Rio Roosevelt was outstanding as was the crab/avocado dish." [FB]

The Tiny Portions News: Teddy is clocking in at 3.5 stars on Yelp with 10 reviews in. That includes one from Valerie S., who says, "Long story short: the food at this place was really good. I was very impressed. However, when they say "small plates," they aren't kidding. Very small. And when they say, "made for sharing," they are kidding. Not made for sharing. However, the decor is lovely." [Yelp]

The Expensive Extras News: Yelper Brian S. says, "I think it's important to come with the mindset that this is a "treat yourself" dinner, and go from there.  Then you won't be bothered by the fact that, despite the fact that it's a nice restaurant, you're paying 10 bucks for a basket of bread for the table.  And you won't roll your eyes when the waiter tells you he's bringing you extra ketchup COMPLIMENTARY because your table is so great. (Seriously).  (The wait staff was definitely in "first night mode", so I'll give our waiter a pass for collecting and looking at our checks immediately after we signed and tipped with us still at the table." [Yelp]

The Date Night News: Kimberly V. says, "Overall, I would say that this place is the perfect date night spot. Light bites, strong cocktails, great service, and beautiful atmosphere. However if you're a serial might find yourself going broke. I would say an average two person meal here runs in the $100 range." [Yelp]

The Affordable Cocktail News: Thrillist recommends, "In lieu of eating Bull Moose, opt for this slow-roasted prime NY strip with a potato-horseradish fritter & red wine reduction. The cocktail list mixes the old (barrel-aged Old Fashioneds) with the new (the above Woodford mint-infused strawberry julep), and even has a "square deal Shot & Beer" that's a PBR can & Milagro Silver shot with a green sangrita backer, all for $10 -- perfect for those worried about busting their own trusts." [Thrillist]

The Summer-Friendly News: Girl Meets Food writes, "The restaurant features an in-dining room bakery as well as a raw bar (Teddy loves oysters) that's perfect for summer.  Plus, John Hogan of Level One fame designed the bar program just as he did at Lincoln, meaning?  The cocktails will blow your gasket." [GMF]

The Teddy Approval News: Brightest Young Things says, "Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th (and arguably most badass) president serves as the inspiration for Teddy & the Bully Bar. Helmed by executive chef Michael Hartzer, the experience is exactly how Teddy would have wanted a meal – traditional, strong cocktails; outdoorsmen-ready meats like wild game on the menu; a classic interior design." [BYT]

The Bread Confusion News: Over on Chowhound, a reader explains that the bread situation is kind of weird. "We started out getting confused by the bread selection and pricing, which apparently has confused a lot of people. (From reading other reviews elsewhere, it seems that when the restaurant opened they were charging $8 for bread, which caused some justifiable outrage.) There are something like five different kinds of bread, and we were initially told by our waiter that we'd be paying $5 for a mixed basket or $2/selection for each kind of bread we wanted (which was a little odd--how many pieces would show up for the $2?) But then I heard him say to another table that the first basket of bread was free. When the check showed up, that turned out to be the case. So at least that was a plus. The bread was very nice, and the accompanying little plate of various butters and jams was a nice touch--I liked the smoked butter and the onion jam very much." [CH]

The Interesting Bathroom News: K Street Kate has a suggestion. "And, trust us — don't head out without stopping by the baths. No tribute to Teddy (or Alice!) could be complete without a visit to a feminist's mystique? or TR's wooded wonderland." [KSM]

The Bold Menu News: Capital Cooking writes, "The food and drinks certainly carry their own big stick and do not speak softly. Loudest and most powerful are the seafood fritters, beer-battered and made with oyster, scallop, and crab meat. The fritters themselves provide a novel taste worth coming back for but when combined with the green curry tarragon sauce the end result is nothing short of presidential." [CC]

The Bakery News: Daily Meal observes, "Roosevelt believed that "a biscuit should be served with every meal," so there will be a bakery in the main dining rom. The menu will also feature game meat like bison and venison and a raw bar. Roosevelt's favorite dish, fried chicken in white gravy, will be on the menu as well." [TDM]
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Teddy & the Bully Bar

1200 19th St. NW Washington, DC