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The Early Word on Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

D.C. could be seeing a lot more of the Max Brenner chain of dessert-focused restaurants, as the company plans to expand in the area. But what do early customers think of the first local outpost of the chain? Here's what the first bloggers, Yelpers and others had to say about Max Brenner's first weeks of service.

The Fondue News: The Going Out Guide singles out a few of the more iconic dishes available at the new Max Brenner, including chocolate fondue. "This one, like a lot of Max Brenner treats, is a kind of ritual. An order for two ($13.95) comes with two vanilla ice cream bars and milk chocolate, plus sweet and crunchy sides. Dip. Eat. Repeat." [WaPo]

The Service Complaints: Max Brenner is currently earning 3 stars on Yelp with 28 reviews in. One is from Kris L., who lists several complaints, including, "This establishment is SO POORLY RUN. Very disorganized with the manager at the only register with a line out the door. Employees constantly coming up to him to ask questions to the point where it took 10 minutes for me to order a chocolate cupcake. The line was crawling." [Yelp]

The Lack of Popsicle News: Also on Yelp, Sam. G says, "If you're going to open an eating establishment, it'd probably be beneficial to have all the items available. I went specifically for the popsicle fondue and was told that the popsicles "hadn't come in yet."...I agree that the decor is pretty conventional, and I don't really see the whole Willy Wonka thing at all." [Yelp]

The Unique News: From Yelp user Ben S.: "There is nothing like it in DC. Frankly, lots of places have 1-2 really good dessert items, but MB's entire menu is top of line.  While I can't say what my favorite dessert in the city is, I can say that MB's, pound for pound, is the best dessert menu in the DC area." [Yelp]

The Bakers' Endorsement: Gideon B. says on Yelp, "I have been blessed with being a part of a family of bakers, so I know what a good cake is, and this chocolate truffle heart cake was amazing! It had fondue on the top which melted into each bite giving the cake a sweet surprise. Having the scoop of ice cream really helped in between each bite of the cake. And after all of the cake and ice cream was gone, the iced milk chocolate shot really helped the dessert hit the spot, and left me completely satisfied." [Yelp]

The Twitter Shoutout: Twitter's @Malarsk says, "My god, Max Brenner chocolate bar in Bethesda is dangerously delicious..." [Twitter]

The Pizza News: On Foursquare, a tip from Boy S. reads "Chocolate Pizza is amazing! But place is slow still and horrible at answering the phone. Don't be in a hurry." [FS]

The Lack of Air-Conditioning News: Here's another Foursquare tip, from Kwame J. "Pretty disorganized. Long line and just as long wait. But what you expect , I think today is opening day. I also think the AC is broken." [FS]

The Drunk on Chocolate Endorsement: Thrillist's Editor consumed eight chocolate cocktails in a sitting. Here's his take on one: "#5. Pure Chocolate Granita. It's just pure chocolate granita and ice. Brain feels like an oyster served up on a plate of shaved ice. And pure chocolate granita." [Thrillist]
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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

7263 Woodmont Ave. Bethesda, Md.