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The Early Word on Mussel Bar Ballston

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Ballston residents were excited to get a taste of Robert Wiedmaier's cooking with the opening of the latest Mussel Bar. The restaurant boasts an industrial look and plenty of beer. What are the first reviews of the restaurant, which also has a location in Bethesda? Here's what the first Yelpers, bloggers and others have to say about Mussel Bar.

Let's Talk About the Mussels: Mussel Bar is earning 3.5 stars right now on Yelp, with 10 reviews in. This one from Michelle I. says, "The Mediterranean mussels were the highlight of the meal for me. Lucky for us, we got a full order for half the price! The waiter accidentally put a full order in. The oysters were good, but definitely took a back seat to the mussels. The fries, however, were the biggest let down. I'm not a big fan of shoestring fries. The sweet potato fries had the edge over the regular. Thankfully, we a nice basket of warm bread to soak up the wonderful sauce that sat beneath the mussels." [Yelp]

The Busy News: Yelper Ryan V. didn't manage to get in. "Not a welcoming experience. We tried to walk in at about 8 pm on a Friday night, when there were - no kidding - 10 tables and booths open throughout the restaurant, only to be told "sorry, we are fully committed" and we can go sit on the patio until a spot at the bar opens up. Seriously? I appreciate you honoring reservations, but that was just ridiculous." [Yelp]

The Unfulfilled Expectations News: Yelper North K. says, "Oh, believe me.  No one could have wanted to like this restaurant more than we did....Sadly, we probably have had our first and last dinner there...We had an excited walk there and a sadly reflective walk home...Bottom line: The main food flavors we had were salt, salt, and char-broil.  Only the calamari were anything we'd get again.  Since we are not salt fans, we don't think we will go back.  MAJOR BUMMER since this and WIllow are the best places to eat in Ballston." [Yelp]

The Twitter Rave: User @PlateLsOrdinary says, "Best lunch in a while @MusselBarArl: mussels, frites, great beer on tap, cool vibe, good service. Just what Ballston needs. Def going back." [Twitter]

The Decor News: UrbanDaddy says, "Bad news: you can't get a Chevy at this Arlington address anymore. Good news: you can get 100-plus beers, now that Mussel Bar has opened where the Bob Peck dealership stood. They've moved in shipping containers, beer-bottle chandeliers and a glass-enclosed beer system. Also: lots of mussels." [UD]

The Facebook Shoutout: Facebook user Ryan says, "Had a great time with my wife and daughter tonight at the Grand Opening! Awesome food and beer selection. Was also a pleasure to meet Robert Wiedmaier! Looking forward to many more great times at Mussel Bar & Grille Arlington!" [FB]

More Busy News: Facebook user Karen also had trouble getting in. "My boyfriend and I were really looking forward to dining here last night. Unfortunately, we were turned away at the door due to too many people there? You should let people know it's a reservation only kind of place. Thanks!" [Facebook]

The Popular News: On Foursquare, Chris S. says, "Great atmosphere. This place is gonna explode. If parking is an issue, Park in the ballston mall garage." [FS]
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