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G&Ts to Sip Through the End of Summer

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The Gin and Tonic is deceptively simple in its execution, with a few cubes of ice and a squeeze of lime added to the glass along with its two namesake ingredients. But several D.C. bartenders are upping their game with the botanical spirit-based fizzy sip, using exotic spices, on-site procured herbs and even tea to render a refreshing sip to take you through to sweater weather.

· At Brabo, the classic fizzy sip gets tinged with yellow and herbal undertones. The Brabo G&T ($9) uses Tanqueray Malacca Gin, Yellow Chartreuse and tonic.

· Citrus-y, fresh and in-season, Dean Feddaoui's Jackson 20 Gin & Tonic ($11) combines Plymouth Gin and house made tonic with garden herbs, ginger, lime and grapefruit.

· At Zaytinya, Jose Andres' ode to Mediterranean small plates, cocktail innovator Juan Coronado's Greek Gin and Tonic ($14, pictured) mixes gin with black tonic, kaffir lime leaves and barberries, served with a licorice stick over fennel-infused ice.
· Brabo [Official Site]
· Zaytinya [Official Site]
· Jackson 20 [Official Site]
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—Kelly Magyarics

BRABO Restaurant by Robert Wiedmaier

1600 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 703 894 3440

Jackson 20

480 King Street, , VA 22314 (703) 549-6080 Visit Website


1185 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10001 (332) 249-8160 Visit Website