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Salamander Resort Opens Today in Middleburg

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After much fanfare, Sheila C. Johnson's luxury Salamander Resort & Spa opens to the public today. The sprawling resort includes two concepts from Equinox's Todd Gray: the formal Harrimans restaurant, and the more casual Gold Cup Wine Bar. The menu at Harrimans is separated into dishes from the Tidewater region, the Virginia foothills, and the grill, with entrees like a rib rack of Pennsylvania veal and scallops with bok choy and Blue Bay mussels. Expect to find shared plates, cheese, charcuterie and an extensive wine by the glass program at Gold Cup. Harrimans will open tonight at 6 p.m. by reservation only, while the Gold Cup Wine Bar is opening at noon. Status: Opening today. 500 North Pendleton Dr. Middleburg; website.Adele Chapin

Harrimans [Photo: Facebook]

Salamander Resort & Spa

500 North Pendleton Street Middleburg, VA 20117