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The Early Word on G, Mike Isabella's Sandwich Shop

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Mike Isabella has had a busy summer. His latest project: G Sandwich, which is serving up hoagies reminiscent of the chef's Jersey childhood (a tasting menu is launching at night). Are the sandwiches stellar? Here's what Yelpers, bloggers and others had to say about G's hoagies in its first days of business.

The Cauliflower News: G is bringing in 3.5 stars on Yelp right now, with 7 reviews in. One is from Shamik T., who says, "Really decent sandwiches. I had the roasted cauliflower, which was well seasoned and just the right texture. The romesco sauce was a nice touch, providing an interesting contrast to the bread and cauliflower. I missed some of the pickled vegetables, but the arugula greens with the sandwich went well. Very pleased. [Yelp]

The Slow Service News: Also on Yelp, Josh J. says, "We had the chicken salad sandwich and spicy mushroom panini. Both had lots of flavor and not too heavy. I would give it 4.5 stars if service was faster...took 20 minutes to make sandwiches...not ideal for lunch break." [Yelp]

The Taylor Is Better News: Bradley S. chimes in, saying, "With Taylor a few blocks away and Fast Gourmet across the street, I don't think this place has much of a claim to being a sandwich destination. I got the Suckling Pig sandwich and a preserved lemon soda (total price: $18.70).  The lemon soda was fine, if a bit small with all the ice they add to the drink. At $4 for about 8 oz., it was overpriced, as was the $13 Suckling Pig sandwich." [Yelp]

The Travels Well News: On Don Rockwell, Laura B. says, "It took me 15 minutes to walk home and the food did not seem to have suffered at all in the interim. We both loved our sandwiches. He had the Cubano Panino (pork collar, swiss, pickles, prosciutto cotto, yellow mustard); I had the Spring Lamb (tzatziki, romaine, pickled onion, dill).  The lamb sandwich was served gyro-style, but the amount of the filling was such that it would have been extremely messy to eat that way, so I used a knife and fork. All of the roasted meats used at G are cooked at Kapnos, and it showed." [DR]

The Salty News: Also on Rockwell, Night Owl says, "Juicy and warm against the crunchy, cool veg and yogurt dressing, very nice. But I found the lamb itself too salty (and I love salt). I had a taste of the roasted suckling pig sandwich, which was really delicious — the apple in there is lovely with it. The cooked greens in it made a clean bite a little challenging, but overall a great combination of flavors." [DR]

The Rotisserie Master News: Brightest Young Things previews the place, saying, "Sandwiches are relatively low on price, but big on flavor. Inspired by Chef Isabella's upbringings in Jersey, the sandwiches are a mix of what he loved to eat, and what he now loves to make. The traditional Italian hero and chicken parm open up the menu, but additions like the  roast suckling pig sub prove that Chef Isabella is a master of the rotisserie spit. At the moment, sandwiches are served from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily, but the shop plans to add an evening carryout service soon." [BYT]

The Gyro Recc: Urban Daddy says, "Speaking of Kapnos. You may remember that it's spit-roasting whole animals. Well, that's what's getting sliced up and going on the sandwiches here in this quick-serve dining room. So you might want to pop in for a spring lamb gyro. Or a suckling pig hoagie with mustard greens and provolone. Or a breakfast sandwich known as the Jersey Mac, made with duck egg and ham on a duck-fat English muffin." [UD]

The Suckling Pig Recc: Thrllist singles out a particular sandwich was the "editor's favorite" — "Suckling Pig w/ mustard greens, spicy apple mostarda, and Provolone. ??*Editor is a sucker for suckling pig.?" [Thrillist]

The Facebook Rave: Here's a simple shout-out on Facebook from Michael: "Simply fabulous!" [FB]
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