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New Coffee Shop Will Have Bartender-like Baristas

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Two transplants from San Francisco are planning a Logan Circle coffee shop where service will be king.

Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella have signed a lease to open up a new place at 1333 14th St. NW, in the Fathom Creative building. The coffee shop will serve cocktails in the evenings and light fare in addition to coffee brewed using a variety of methods. The pair are keeping its plans for specialty equipment, as well as partnerships with roasting companies and bakeries, quiet for now. But an early 2014 opening is planned for the location.

Both partners are originally from the East Coast and visited about 100 different coffee shops throughout California, Portland and other cities to "see what's out there, and see what's missing," Fleming said. Some of the new shop's inspirations include San Francisco's Sightglass and Blue Bottle shops. He sees most current coffee shops as "too transactional" and wants to make sure patrons and baristas have a conversation with each other, in order to make the specialty coffee world less intimidating. There is an upstairs space for events that the still-unnamed shop wants to take advantage of, as well as a rooftop area of the building for gatherings.
· Fathom Creative [Official Site]

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Unnamed Coffee Shop

1333 14th St. NW Washington, DC

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