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Chef of Charleston's McCrady's Says He is Eying Shaw

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The chef de cuisine of Charleston's famous farm-focused restaurant McCrady's has plans for Washington. Jeremiah Langhorne tells Hanna Raskin's Charleston food blog that he is leaving the destination to open a 45-seat restaurant in D.C. next summer. From the article:

We're going to be doing food that's very similar (in terms of) attention to detail, but with a much more relaxed atmosphere," says Langhorne, who's been lauded by industry professionals and diners alike for ably steering a restaurant which could have been hamstrung by its executive chef's frequent absences for promotional appearances.

There's no name yet for the restaurant, and the chef says he's still in lease negotiations for a space in Shaw. Langhorne grew up in Virginia, which is part of the reason for the move. Another tidbit: the restaurant may feature a Sunday afternoon family-style crab dinner. Eater has reached out to the chef for any additional info.
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