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Doughnut/Chicken Faceoff? Federal Donuts' D.C. Plans

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Sure, D.C. is no stranger to fried chicken and doughnut shops at this point. But one of the first restaurants to combine the two — Philly's beloved Federal Donuts — may bring a location to Washington regardless. Eater National caught up with chef Michael Solomonov (also of Zahav) and asked him about the possibility. Combining the two has been a touchy subject in D.C. before, and Solomonov alludes to the controversy. Here's a snippet; read the full interview on Eater National:

Switching gears a little, last year you talked about a big Federal Donuts expansion. Is that still happening?
Yeah it is. We're going to do a few more probably in Philly and then hopefully check out new markets. DC, New York hopefully. DC [is] probably more likely than New York, even though there's a couple places that have literally ripped us off. But that's's fine. It's awesome. We kind of knew it was going to happen. We don't own doughnuts or Korean chicken or coffee. And we think obviously we have the best anyway, so it doesn't really matter. But yeah, it's flattering and I think it'd be cool. There's plenty of people in DC. So we're looking forward to that.

The fried chicken at Federal Donuts is of the Korean style, a specialty D.C. is also quite familiar with. No timeline for the expansion yet.
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