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Very Narrow Houses; $800/Month Rental Options in D.C.

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[Photo by Adam Fagen]

NARROW LIVINGThis narrow house in Capitol Hill raised some eyebrows when it hit the market but it turns out the narrowest one in D.C. is in Georgetown and the Hollensbury Spite House in Alexandria might be the skinniest one in the country at 7 feet wide.

COMPARISONS — What can $800/month rent around D.C.? There are a variety of options.

SHAWEmergence Community Art Collective is looking to raise money to preserve their headquarters. Learn more about the collective and the deteriorating house's history.

ATLAS DISTRICTCheck out our photo gallery from this past weekend's H Street Festival.

HEIGHT ACT — Confused about how the local and federal government agencies want to adjust the Height Act? We break it down into their simplest arguments.

CHEVY CHASE — The saga of angry neighbors vs. big ugly glass building continues with a protest rally and a stop work order.

FAIRFAX — In some Craigslist Craziness this week, a free room is available in this group home for someone willing to do all of the cooking.

BLOOMINGDALE VS. PETWORTH — Right now the Bloomingdale condo is running away with the competition on this week's Real Estate Death Match, but there's still time to cast your vote.

CLARENDON — This home advertised a flip-cup friendly yard and noted that its location is stumbling distance home from several local bars. This peeved some neighbors, but the house that somewhat resembles a giant aluminum beer can went off the rental market rather quickly.

BRIGHTWOOD — If the listing for this mold-ridden condo didn't sound like a plot to a horror B-movie before, it does now.