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Dolcezza & Stumptown Partner; New Drinks at the Huxley

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

ARLINGTON— Patience, Shirlington. Copperwood Tavern was slated to open today. But a spokeswoman says it will still be a few days before the hunt-themed restaurant debuts. [EaterWire]

DUPONT CIRCLEThe Huxley has a new cocktail menu. Partners Ryan Seelbach and Eric Lund have put together a selection that includes some classics, including a take on the Rickey, as well as some creative drinks such as the Smoked & Dirty involving olive juice, black pepper, vodka and Johnny Walker Black. All cocktails are priced at $14. [EaterWire]

ADAMS MORGAN— The Libertine started brunch over the weekend. The menu includes dishes like hash brown casserole and stuffed French toast from chef Chef Lauren Whitledge. [EaterWire]

CAFFEINE NATION— All locations of Dolcezza gelato are switching to a new coffee provider. The retailer announced today that they are partnering with Stumptown Coffee for all four locations, as well as their upcoming gelato factory. To mark the partnership, they're offering $1 espressos, $2.50 affogatos and $5 pints of Hair Bender espresso gelato all month long. [EaterWire]

Lauren Whitledge [Photo: Libertine]