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New Logan Circle Coffee Shop Will Be Called Slipstream

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Remember California transplants Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella's plans to open a cutting edge coffee shop in Logan Circle? They're making some progress.

The new shop will be called Slipstream, and the focus will be on attentive service, whether it be coffee in the morning or cocktails in the evening. The coffee shop is partnering with Madcap Coffee for their roasting needs. The shop is located within Fathom Creative at 1333 14th Street NW. No opening date has been set, but a website has been launched.

What's with the name? From a press release: "A slipstream is an area of reduced resistance behind a moving object. Similarly, our shop will reduce the resistance of the normal coffee and cocktail experience with unique service that pulls customers through in an effortless fashion," said Fleming.
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[Photo: Slipstream founders]


1333 14th Street NW Washington, DC