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Watch a Teaser for the "Foodie & the Beast" Reality Show

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

"She's the Foodie, he's the Beast.They have 2 young children, 3 grown kids, 3 gigantic dogs and a crazy life as the balance the challenges of being the super-connected concierges of the DC food scene with day to day suburban survival!"

That's the pitch producer (and Quench restaurant owner) Michael Holstein is making with his "Foodie & the Beast" reality show, which he's in the process of shopping around to television networks. The show stars Nycci and David Nellis, hosts of the local food radio show of the same name (Nycci Nellis also founded The List Are You On It). The trailer shows Nellis making her way around town, attending and gossiping about restaurant openings, and interviewing chefs. It shows a frequently-bleeped-by-the-censors David Nellis chatting with his buddies, complaining about said "frou frou" foodie events, and throwing out such lines as, "She's the only human being in this world that I'm afraid of" about his wife.

Holstein has had some initial conversations with some cable networks and "several seem intrigued." He wants to release the teaser in DC first to get some feedback before making formal pitches, but he can see it fitting in on Bravo, Food Network and other similar networks, which he plans to meet with next month. They worked with such chefs as Mike Isabella and Scott Drewno to put together the teaser reel. "We have a number of chefs, local and national, lined up for the program, should we get picked up," he tells Eater. Watch the video and look for such chefs as Bryan Voltaggio, Victor Albisu and a very flirtatious Michel Richard.

· Foodie and the Beast [YouTube]