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Inaccurately Named Locales; Edmonds School Condos

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by R. Lopez]

CAPITOL HILL — The former Edmonds School will be ready to deliver their condos in April. Here are some photos of the construction and staged model unit.

CURBED MAPS — Check out the local businesses whose names don't match up to their actual location.

PALISADES — The third most expensive listing in D.C. is approaching its third year on the market. Is this lead listing photo that looks like it was put through anold timey Instagram filter supposed to help?

CAPITOL HILL — Someone is charging $8,000 for a parking space. Just the parking space.

LOGAN CIRCLE VS. MT VERNON SQUARE — Real Estate Death Match has returned! Right now the $2.2 million suite at CityCenter DC is beating out the $2.2 million loft at Lofts 14. Place your vote!

DUPONT CIRCLE — We spent twenty minutes at the snowball fight at Dupont Circle and found a new and creative way of using the fountain during the winter.

ATLAS DISTRICT — Speaking of snow, here are some photos of the streetcar covered in the white stuff.

COOL MAP THING — Someone re-imagined the Metro Map in the style of Super Mario Brothers circa 1992.

LOGAN CIRCLE — Celebrated local designer Lori Graham helped renovate this condo from a 19th century building. Check out the results!